Clown Event Plan   

Large Event clowns may never desire to stand in front of finicky, wild child, small groups of kids. But.....


Having a plan can help you accept small in home group

or medium church group events. 

There are books about this but this plan saves you time.



Videos at www.youtube.com/travisfairlane with B. Good the clown.


Large Event (Parade, Air Show, Festival, Circus) clowns have many points to consider when entertaining across large distances such as the great big gestures, playing to the on lookers to involve them, limited props carrying, etc.   

One of the advantages of Large Event clowning is that the clown is free to move on when there are rowdy kids, scared kids, or unenthused kids. 

What if you accept an invitation to clown in front of a small group of kids? That freedom to move on is not an option.  Have a plan! Have the plan move on since you can not move on.  Awkward moments and loss of control of your event will not appear professional.

Keep the activities planned to be short to match a short attention and amusement span. Be ready for them to be bored too soon and be delighted when they are engaged longer than planned.

If a planned activity engages the kids and they are amused, stick with it a few minutes longer.  Adapt.  You can not adapt a plan if you don't have a plan. But YOU CAN PANIC if you don't have a plan!!!

This Table shows an example Clown Event.  The plan was prepared to fill a B'day small event.  This Table adds up to 2 Hours.  Build a plan as a smorgasbord of activities that you or your client can choose from to overfill the planned time of the visit. Keep adding to your smorgasbord.

Hint: If you plan for worst case small events, you will be ready, comfortable, and professional for those medium church or community events.

For Joke Board idea check out




CLOWN for Small Get Together. 

Pick and Play up to 2 Hours.






Intro - Clown Shoes, Clown Walk. Name exchange.



5 minutes


B. Good. Give kids clown names!


Have adhesive paper name tags and have them write their clown name on their tag. Kids wear tags and call each other by clown name.

5 min


Joke Board


Intro Joke Board and do 10 jokes. Let B'day person choose a few and each other kid choose one.

10 to 15 min


Puppet Joking


Let Puppet tell joke.

5 min


Balloon Animals


Make 3.

5 min


Teach Balloon Animals


Provide kit per child. Teach kids to twist a balloon animal.

10 to 15 min

Charge $5 per balloon kit. Air Pump and 30 balloons in each kit.

Teach Juggle


Clown juggles. Provide sets of juggling balls for kids to try to learn.

10 min

Juggling balls leave with clown.

Clown shoes how clowns eat.


Kids cut cake and eat.

10 min

Clown in cake, kid, photos.

Clown makeup on B. Day Kid.


Basic white around eyes and mouth. Basic eyebrows and mouth in red grease pencil. Red foam nose.

10 min

$5 per kid. Time is for one kid.

Gift Opening


Clown assists and leads excitement in gift opening. Spontaneous photos.

10 to 15 min

Near B. Day kid. Excite and applaud.

Photos with Kids


Portrait with each Kid

Fun Posed Photos

Group Photos.

Group Video.

Clown with B. Day kids favorite doll, stuffed animal, dog, cat, etc.

10 to 15 min

Not clown's camera. Camera is client's camera and operated by client or kids.

Clown Game.


Can be the kid's favorite board game or other acceptable game to clown. Weather and activity dependent.

10 to 20 min

Pre-coordinated with clown prior to event.

Joke Board Reprive


5 more jokes to wind down.

5 min


Good Bye


Just waving and leaving. Final hug with B. Day kid. Knock Knock. Alice. I'll See you later. (Ali ce ya later.)

2 min


Total for Sheet



120 min

2 hours